Friends Changing the World

Sometimes I see my loved ones accomplishing so much and I can’t help but feel insignificant. Like, I have friends who are literally changing the world and I… got up and went to work today. It is easy to feel insignificant.

Then I remember when I couldn’t even do that. There were so many days that started and ended with me hiding under the covers, tears leaking out so constantly that it could barely even be called crying anymore. I remember feeling so sad and scared and worried and alone and so sure that I was toxic to everyone around me that I just wanted to go to sleep and never wake up. Depression robbed me of so much life and love and time that I wish I could have back.

Since that can’t happen, I just have to keep moving forward. I will keep getting up and going to work. I will take better care of my mind and body and heart. I will be a better friend and watch with wonder at what they can do. Then, for just a moment, I will appreciate the strength it took for me to be here to see it.