All The Usual Caveats Apply

I’m not a doctor, therapist, counselor, or other trained professional.

I might offer advice or share things that have and have not helped me, but your experience or that of others you know cannot be exactly the same, and I cannot predict what may or may not work for someone else. Sometimes it can help to have a starting point for the conversation, though, and that is the important part.

I make choices about what to write about. Some things feel “safe” for me to share. Others do not. Sometimes there are stories that involve others and they are not mine to tell. Sometimes I am just not brave enough to pour out the feelings that make the words. Please remember that there is always more to a person than what they choose to present to you.

Most of all, I ask that you read my words in the spirit they are intended: to share, to open, to help, to explain, to love. I can be a bit snarky and sarcastic, although I’m working on controlling that, but I never intend to be demeaning or cruel.

(I’ve found myself backtracking and apologizing and jumping through hoops while trying to write lately. I thought it might help to put these thoughts all in one place so I don’t have to circle back through them for every other post and we can just start with some accepted truths.)

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  1. Elizabeth, you don’t know me. I am with Winston and I saw tour blog and immediately became inspired by your words. I too it seems struggle with a lot of your struggles and reading your posts has inspired me to go back to writing like I used to. To really look at myself and what makes me feel the way I do. The more I read your posts the more intrigued and fascinated I am by what you have to say and what you are brave enough to share with everyone. I really would like to talk to you about it more one day if you would be ok with that as I feel as though I am all alone when it comes to talking about topics you touch on with such determination in your posts. Please feel free to email me anytime I really would love to have someone I can talk to that also understands it. (Winston has no idea I have read your blog or that I’ve sent you a comment) my email address is please feel free to reach out to me anytime.

    And thank you above all for sharing what I know are not easy thoughts to share. I only wish I had that courage.

    All the best,

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