Hi, I’m Elizabeth.

Self-Deprecating Disclaimer

In some ways I feel ridiculous starting a blog as a middle-aged woman in 2017. (I’ll turn 38 this year.) I like writing about my progress toward a healthier life, but I am a far cry from the young, thin, beautiful healthy lifestyle bloggers and also from the food bloggers who manage to make everything look so good you can almost taste it. I embrace technology and think it’s amazing that I have started this whole site using my iPad, but I am not a designer or programmer. Most importantly, please note that I am not a doctor, therapist, or counselor. As much as I hope you find my writing helpful, please reach out to a professional when you are in crisis.

Why Start, Then?

I’ve been posting updates to my friends and family for a couple years now, though, and finally decided to listen to their advice to start a blog. I consider myself to be in recovery from depression with a side of anxiety for almost 4 years now, after suffering from the age of 11. When I use the term “recovery,” I don’t mean that I am always happy, never sad, don’t have negative thoughts, or think I am free of depression forever. It is simply my term for no major episodes and no serious suicidal thoughts. As I was coming out of my last, worst episode that brought me to an inpatient psych ward, I felt like one of those wobbly baby giraffes, legs flying everywhere, and I couldn’t figure out how to hold my head up. Past me of that moment would have loved to find this website.

What You Will See Here

I will share simple coping strategies and tips for navigating a world that still sees mental illness as strange or calls it weakness or just expects you to be able to “cheer up.” I will share my past stories and experiences so you will not feel so alone and my future successes and failures to remind myself that we have nothing to hide. As one of my doctor’s said, “It’s good to know someone else is weird too.” I will also link to other sites and articles that may be helpful or that simply may make you smile. In time, I hope to create a community where we can all help each other in a safe way. Thank you so much for being interested in the journey.